Twin Falls
April 18, 1998

Most of the crew for the outing This was the third of the BoBaby outings, and we had quite a good turn out - we even had one couple without kids come along, although they did bring their dog! The Twin Falls trail is mostly gentle, and suitable for a stroller just about to the falls themselves - perfect for taking toddlers and pre-toddlers on. Although the day was cloudy, we didn't get rained on. The trail starts out meandering close to the Snoqualmie River, passing by a large rock that's perfect for kids to climb on - they're certain it's Pride Rock from the Lion King! William on top of Pride Rock
Twin Falls from first view area The trail then takes a few switchbacks up a hill, but at the top is a fine view of Twin Falls, and a wooden bench to rest on. To continue to the falls, you drop down a short hill, then start up the final hill to the falls. We left the strollers here and carried the kids, or encouraged the older ones to walk. There's a great bridge crossing the lower falls, which allows the children to look down onto the pools formed by the falling water. The upper falls are just a few minutes further up the trail, but we decided we'd come far enough this day. Instead we headed back down the trail, and descended a series of wooden steps to a viewing platform for the falls. Here we broke out lunches, and sat around sharing snacks and enjoying the view. On the walk home we stopped by the shores of the river to throw rocks, but by the time we were back in the parking lot, more than one toddler was sound asleep, cozy in their backpacks! Lower Twin Falls
Maren and Bryden at Twin Falls Matt and Bryden at Twin Falls

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