Summer, 2001

Bryden, armed with fly swatter and broom, ready for anything!

Bryden playing in the lid of his sandbox.

Gavin with his cousin Alex on a visit to the grandparents

Gavin ringing Bestafar's bell

Bryden and Gavin playing in a "nest" of blankets Bryden built

Bryden in the wagon he and mom decorated for the 4th of July parade

Gavin playing in the tub - it's hard to get him out of there!

Bryden, sporting the "Sheik of Kirkland" look at Maren's company picnic

Gavin and his first pony ride, with mama helping out

Gavin wondering why he needs to keep his shoes on if he's riding in the stroller

Gavin and Bryden playing in the kitchen

Gavin with what he's sure is the best toy in the whole world, a red balloon!

The boys playing together on a friend's back deck

The two most ferocious pteranodons you ever saw, at the dinosaur exhibit at Pt. Defiance

We're learning to feed ourself! First we'll get some of the food in our mouth - next we'll work on neatness!

Last updated: September 15, 2000