Mount Tenerife
June 1, 1997
Written by Bill Sunderland

This was my first post-natal summit bid with little Bryden "Gunnar" Robertson. The "trailhead" to Mount Tenerife (Tay-nay-ree'-fay) begins a quarter mile further up the Mount Si road than the Mount Si trailhead parking lot. There is a marked difference in the parking arrangements for these two trails.

Tenerife offers only a small parking area in front of the locked gate that blocks the old logging road that is most of the trail. We were looking forward to a partly-sunny day with occasional rain breaks, but the rain breaks turned out to be very long. We set out on the long, often very steep road gaining nearly 4000 feet in 7 miles. The road is easily followed and is in very good shape clear up to the ridge between Si and Tenerife.

A few hundred feet before the road disappears we turned upward to kick step straight to the summit. Unfortunately Bryden had to stay behind here due to increasingly bad weather and a loaded diaper, though we all agreed that he performed admirably for a 5 month old, and he was close enough to declare it a "gimme". Bryden's dad and I explored an alternate approach to the summit before turning around and pursuing a more direct approach.

Once at the summit we took out our toy boats, found a nearby puddle and briefly, though faithfully, re-enacted the 1657 Battle of Tenerife in which English Admiral Robert Blake defeated the Spanish Armada with the State Department of Natural Resources geographical marker at the summit playing the role of the island of Tenerife, the most populous of the Canary Islands, before racing back down to join Bryden. To the best of my recollection it rained on the way out.

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