Matt's tick list of technical routes

Area, Crag, Route and Rating (L=lead, S=swung leads, else followed or top roped)

Exit 38/Deception Crags

Substation; Turf Safari; 5.7 (L)
Substation; Lovey-dovey; 5.10a (L)
Substation; Namby-pamby; 5.10c
Substation; Homo Erectus; 5.6 (L)
Substation; Rug Monkey; 5.7 (L)
Substation; Primordial Blues; 5.9 (L)
Substation; Hurly-burly; 5.9 (L)
Substation; Glob Don; 5.7/8 (L)
Substation; Glob Job; 5.7/8 (L)

Write Off Rock; Flammable Pajamas; 5.5 (L)
Write Off Rock; Knife in the Toaster; 5.9- (L)
Write Off Rock; Ma, There's Pink In My Burger; 5.6 (L)
Write Off Rock; Bottom's Up; 5.7 (L)

Deception Wall; Just Dessert; 5.10a
Deception Wall; Jiffy Pop 5.7 (L)
Deception Wall; Underground Economy; 5.8/9 (L)
Deception Wall; Won't Get Fooled Again; 5.10a

We Did Rock; The Joker; 5.10c (L)
We Did Rock; My X Wife (short and easy); 5.10a (L)
We Did Rock; Your Sister; 5.7/8 (L)
We Did Rock; Black Caboose; 5.9 (L)
We Did Rock; Sobriety; 5.9 (L)
We Did Rock; Absolutely Nothing; 5.8 (L)
We Did Rock; Some Drugs; 5.9 (L)
We Did Rock; Blockhead; 5.9 (L)

Hull Creek Rock; Erectile Dysfunction; 5.8 (L)
Hull Creek Rock; Erectile Dysfunction (var.); 5.10a
Hull Creek Rock; Occam's Razor; 5.8 (L)
Hull Creek Rock; Rhino Rave; 5.10a (L)

Exit 38/Mount Washington

Club Paradiso; Trapp Line; 5.10a
Club Paradiso; Luscious; 5.9 (L)
Club Paradiso; Lush; 5.8 (L)
Club Paradiso; Just Because You're Not Paranoid...; 5.8 (L)

Amazonia; Iguanarama; 5.10a (L)
Amazonia; Q. D. Pie; 5.10a
Amazonia; Sodflesh; 5.9

Peannacle; What Does Bob Want?; 5.10d
Peannacle; Killer Bob; 5.9 (L)
Peannacle; The Owl; 5.8 (L)
Peannacle; east face; 5.10b?
Peannacle; Peanut Brittle; 5.8 (L)
Peannacle; Never Was a Cowgirl; 5.9
Peannacle; A Castle So Crystal Clear; 5.8 (L)
Peannacle; Awannaduya; 5.9 (L)
Peannacle; Through the Darkness of Future's Past; 5.8 (L)

Slumbersome Ridge; Slumbersome Ridge; 5.6 (L)

Exit 38/The Far Side

Motherland; False Pretenses; 5.7 (L)
Motherland; Sheltered Upbringing; 5.10b

Slabbage Patch; Party Girl; 5.7 (L)

Freeway Slab; D, p1(5.9) p2(5.10a)?; (L p1)
Freeway Slab; E; 5.9 (L)
Freeway Slab; Endless Bliss; 5.10a (L)
Freeway Slab; Super Squish; 5.10d
Freeway Slab; Web Slinger (p1); 5.10c?

Squishy Bells; Catatonic; 5.6 (L)
Squishy Bells; Winter Rushing In; 5.8 (L)
Squishy Bells; November Glaze; 5.9 (L)
Squishy Bells; Sumptuous Bits; 5.5 (L)

Eastern Bloc, Kiss of the Crowbar; 5.7 (L)
Eastern Bloc; Kiss of the Crowbar, left variation; 5.7? (L)
Eastern Bloc; Attack of the Butter Knives; 5.8 (L)
Eastern Bloc; Ellie's Sweet Kiss; 5.10a (L)
Eastern Bloc; Impartial Eclipse; 5.8 (L)
Eastern Bloc; Space Face; 5.10d
Eastern Bloc; Displacement, 5.10d
Eastern Bloc; Eating Rocks, 5.6 (L)
Eastern Bloc; Insomniac, 5.8 (L)
Eastern Bloc; Lip Service, 5.10b
Eastern Block; Tunnel of Love; 5.8 (L)

Off Ramp; Hit and Run; 5.9
Off Ramp; Girls Rule; 5.10a
Off Ramp; Boys Drool; 5.10a
Off Ramp; Jersey Barrier; 5.8

Headlight Point; Carnage Before Bedtime; 5.10b
Headlight Point; Swarm; 5.7 (L)
Headlight Point; Light-Headed Again; 5.8 (L)
Headlight Point; Midnight Scrambler; 5.7 (L)
Headlight Point; In the Middle Again; 5.6 (L)
Headlight Point; Swerve; 5.7 (L)

Gritscone; So Easy I Forgot to Laugh; 5.5 (L)
Gritscone; So Funny I Forgot to Rope Up; 5.7 (L)
Gritscone; Pete's Possum Palace; 5.7 (L)
Gritscone; 99 Grit; 5.9 (L)
Gritscone; Chica Rapida; 5.10a (L)
Gritscone; Booty Squirrell; 5.10c
Gritscone; A Girl's Best Friend; 5.11a

Neverland; Lost Boys; I Wanna Go Home; 5.9 (2 pitches)
Neverland; Hook; Hard to Port; 5.10a
Neverland; Hook; Pixie Dust; 5.10b

Exit 32 (Little Si)

Blackstone Wall; Human Foot; 5.8
Blackstone Wall; The Big Easy; 5.9

The Woods; Godflesh (to first anchor); 5.10a
The Woods; Sweet and Sticky; 5.9

World Wall I; Reptiles & Amphetamines; 5.9
World Wall I; Jug Or Not; 5.10b
World Wall I; Son of Jesus; 5.10c
World Wall I; Opening Act; 5.9


Icicle Creek

8-Mile Rock; Mickey Mantle; 5.7
8-Mile Rock; Far left crack (not Twin Cracks); 5.?
8-Mile Rock; Deception Crack; 5.9
8-Mile Rock; Classic Crack; 5.9

8-Mile Buttress; Tree Route; 5.6 (3 pitches) (S)

Barney's Rubble; Lieback crack/flake; 5.6
Barney's Rubble; Face climb with mantle; 5.10b
Barney's Rubble; Right flake/upper face; 5.9
Barney's Rubble; Upper left face; 5.10a?
Barney's Rubble; Right slab; 5.7
Barney's Rubble; Hidden crack; 5.4

Bruce's boulder; Flake/nose; 5.9

Clamshell Cave; Noisy Oyster; 5.7 (L)
Clamshell Cave; Keep Clam; 5.8 (L)
Clamshell Cave; Shrimp Salad; 5.7 (L)
Clamshell Cave; Forty-four Fifty; 5.10a
Clamshell Cave; Clamshell Crack; 5.5 (L)

Clamshell Cave; The Cube; W Face; 5.10
Clamshell Cave; The Cube; Hand crack; 5.7
Clamshell Cave; The Cube; Chicken heads; 5.9
Clamshell Cave; The Cube; NW lieback; 5.9
Clamshell Cave; The Cube; NW arete; 5.6

Hammerhead Rock; 5.10a
Hammerhead Rock; 5.8

Condor Buttress; Condorphamine Addiction; II, 5.10b (7 pitches) (S)

Domestic Dome; B.S.; 5.6
Domestic Dome; Connie's Crack; 5.2 (L)
Domestic Dome; Under Achiever; 5.8

Icicle Buttress; R&D; II, 5.6 (4 pitches) (S)

Mountaineer's Dome; Gibson's Crack; 5.5
Mountaineer's Dome; Unnamed route; 5.2?
Mountaineer's Dome; middle route at amphitheater; 5.5?

Roto-Wall; Slippin' and Slidin'; 5.7 (L)
Roto-Wall; Nonvertical Smile; 5.6 (L)
Roto-Wall; Easy Crack (left); 5.3 (L)
Roto-Wall; left route, start from cave; 5.7?

Trundle Dome; Sonic Boom; 5.9
Trundle Dome; Flake Fest; 5.9

X-Y Cracks; 5.6 (L)

Tumwater Canyon

Castle Rock; Saber; 5.4 (3 pitches) (L)
Castle Rock; The Fault; 5.6 (L)
Castle Rock; Catapult; 5.8 (2 pitches) (L)
Castle Rock; Midway (1st pitch); 5.6 (L)
Castle Rock; Winter Solstice; 5.6 (3 pitches) (S)
Castle Rock; Canary (p1 variation); 5.8

Clem's Holler; Kick Start; 5.9 (S)
Clem's Holler; Playing Possum; 5.10a (3 pitches) (S)
Clem's Holler; Nettlesome; 5.9

Peshastin Pinnacles

Martian Slab; Serpent; 5.7
Martian Slab; Nutty Buddy; 5.9+

Dinosaur Tower; Potholes (p1); 5.7+
Dinosaur Tower; Potholes Direct Direct; 5.10a

Grand Central Tower; West Face; 5.8 (L)

Austrian Slab; Fakin' It; 5.10a

Vantage/Frenchman Coulee

Feathers; Jesus Saves; 5.8 (L)
Feathers; Satan's Little Helper; 5.8+ (L)
Feathers; Chimney behind Jesus Saves; 5.6? (L)
Feathers; left face of Satan's Pillar; 5.6? (L)
Feathers; another left face of Satan's Pillar; 5.5? (L)

Sunshine Wall; Rod of God; 5.8 (L)
Sunshine Wall; Peaceful Warrior; 5.6 (L)
Sunshine Wall; Vantage Point; 5.8 (L)
Sunshine Wall; Crossing the Threshold; 5.8 (L)
Sunshine Wall; Whipsaw; 5.9
Sunshine Wall; Clip 'em or Skip 'em; 5.8 (L)


The Country - R side; G.M.; 5.8/5.9 (first two pitches)
Great Northern Slab; Great Northern Slab; 5.6 (first trad lead, two pitches) (L)

Mt. Erie

Lookout Wall; Lightning Waltz; 5.10a

Powerline Wall West; False Impressions; 5.8 (L)
Powerline Wall West; Intimidator; 5.10a

Snag Buttress; Zig Zag; 5.7 (L)
Snag Buttress; On Eagles Wings (last pitch); 5.10a (L)

Sunset Slab North; Saucer Slab; 5.4
Sunset Slab North; Washboard; 5.3
Sunset Slab North; Catwalk; 5.6
Sunset Slab North; Radical Dude; 5.7
Sunset Slab North; Sodo Mojo; 5.8
Sunset Slab North; The Stinger; 5.6

Mountaineer's Wall; Copycat; 5.6
Mountaineer's Wall; Eye of the Needle; 5.7
Mountaineer's Wall; Solar Flare; 5.8
Mountaineer's Wall; Jumbelassy; 5.8

Smith Rock

Morning Glory; Nine Gallon Buckets; 5.10c
Morning Glory; Light on the Path; 5.10a
Morning Glory; The Outsiders; 5.9
Morning Glory; Five Gallon Buckets; 5.8 (L)
Morning Glory; Pop Goes the Nubbin; 5.10a
Morning Glory; Snuffy Smith; 5.9
Morning Glory; Tuff It Out; 5.10a

Dihederals; Lichen It; 5.7 (L)
Dihederals; Easy Reader; 5.6 (L)
Dihederals; Ginger Snap; 5.8 (L)
Dihederals; Cinnamon Slab (1st pitch); 5.6 (L)
Dihederals; Bunny Face; 5.7 (2 pitches)
Dihederals; Left Side Crack; 5.4 (L)

Testament Slab; Revelations; 5.9
Testament Slab; Irreverence; 5.10a

Combination Blocks; Jete'; 5.8 (L)
Combination Blocks; Dancer; 5.7 (L)

Llama Wall; Wannabe Llamas; 5.8 (L)

Phoenix Buttress; Hissing Llamas; 5.8 (L)
Phoenix Buttress; JT's Route; 5.10b
Phoenix Buttress; Phoenix; 5.10a

Red Wall; Super Slab; 5.6 (3 pitches) (L)

Smith Rock Group; Sky Ridge; 5.8 (2 pitches) (S)

Smith Rock Group (Northwest Wall); Bits and Pieces start; 5.5 (L)
Smith Rock Group (Northwest Wall); Stained; 5.9 (L)
Smith Rock Group (Northwest Wall); Adventurous 9904; 5.8 (L)
Smith Rock Group (Northwest Wall); Why Art Thou?; 5.8 (L)
Smith Rock Group (Northwest Wall); Stand for Something; 5.7 (L)
Smith Rock Group (Northwest Wall); Fall for Anything; 5.10c

Spiderman Buttress; Spiderman variation (pitch 1); 5.5 (L)
Spiderman Buttress; Squashed Spider; 5.7 (L)
Spiderman Buttress; Spiderman; 5.7 (fell on 2nd pitch, didn't finish) (L)

Mesa Verde Wall; Cosmos; 5.10a
Mesa Verde Wall; Screaming Yellow Zonkers; 5.10b

Pleasure Palace; Watermark; 5.9
Pleasure Palace; We Be Toys; 5.10a

Student Wall; Prom Night; 5.7 (L)
Student Wall; Rage; 5.7 (L)

Adit Rock; Here and Never Found; 5.8
Adit Rock; Nice Guys Finish Last; 5.9
Adit Rock; Munchkin Land; 5.7
Adit Rock; Lollypop League; 5.5 (L)


Another Buttress; Like It in Her Panties; 5.8 (L)
Another Buttress; Lichen in My Panties; 5.8 (L)
Another Buttress; Hair on a G String; 5.7 (L)
Another Buttress; Don't Worry; 5.6 (L)
Another Buttress; Be Happy; 5.6 (L)

Chatsworth Edge; Gem Quality; 5.6
Chatsworth Edge; Wrecked All Crack; 5.9
Chatsworth Edge; Rough Cut; 5.7 (L)

Claim-It-All: Womb to Tomb; 5.11a
Claim-It-All: Piggy Monster; 5.9 (L)
Claim-It-All: Illiad; 5.9 (L)
Claim-It-All: Frail Braille; 5.9 (L)
Claim-It-All: Third Sunday of the Month; 5.8/9 (L)

Daycare; Your Father Wears...; 5.7 (L)
Daycare; Dripping Dime Sized Drops; 5.8
Daycare; Rattlebag; 5.7

Diamondback; Fine Lime; 5.10a
Diamondback; Yan; 5.9
Diamondback; Tan; 5.9
Diamondback; Tethera; 5.8

Elusive Edge; Golden Pie Crust Award; 5.10a (L)
Elusive Edge; Skunked; 5.8
Elusive Edge; Mysterious Semblence; 5.9
Elusive Edge; Climbing with Elvis; 5.10a
Elusive Edge; Sideshow Rob; 5.10a

Fern Gully; Steeplechase; 5.7 (L)
Fern Gully; Breezeway; 5.8 (L)
Fern Gully; VMax; 5.9
Fern Gully; Bolt Wars; 5.9 (L)
Fern Gully; Lichen in My Bellybutton; 5.6 (L)

Fortress, East Face, South; The Plumline; 5.9 (L)
Fortress, East Face, North; Genetic Mirror; 5.10b
Fortress, East Face, North; Runcible Spoon; 5.10a (L)
Fortress, East Face, North; While the Crow's Away; 5.10a

Go Anywhere; After Midnight; 5.6 (L)
Go Anywhere; R&B; 5.8(L)
Go Anywhere; Autumn Gold; 5.5
Go Anywhere; Corporate Bladder; 5.8(L)
Go Anywhere; Quo Vadis; 5.7
Go Anywhere; Tony the Tiger; 5.7(L)
Go Anywhere; It's About Time; 5.8

Grassy Glades; Short Claim Jumpers; 5.10a
Grassy Glades; White Knuckle Express; 5.8 (L)
Grassy Glades; Professional Belay Slaves; 5.8 (L)

Great White Wall; Mrs. Palmer; 5.9 (2 pitches)
Great White Wall; Logan's Run; 5.10b

Hangdog Hill; #2; 5.9
Hangdog Hill; #5; 5.7+ (L)
Hangdog Hill; #6; 5.9 (L)
Hangdog Hill; #7; 5.8 (L)
Hangdog Hill; #8; 5.9+ (L)

Red Tail Lower; What's Left?; 5.9 (L)
Red Tail Lower; What's Right?; 5.10a (L)
Red Tail Lower; Preface; 5.9
Red Tail Lower; Mother Superior; 5.7 (L)
Red Tail Lower; Sport Climbing is Neither; 5.8 (L)
Red Tail Lower; Limbo; 5.7 (L)
Red Tail Lower; Tuning Fork; 5.7 (L)
Red Tail Lower; Second Balcony Jump; 5.7 (L)

Red Tail South; Facility; 5.10a (first 10a onsight lead) (L)
Red Tail South; Basic Black; 5.10a (L)

Seven Dwarves; 5.7+ (L)
Seven Dwarves; 5.9 (L)
Seven Dwarves; 5.10a (L)
Seven Dwarves; 5.8 (L)

Snow Creek Wall

Outer Space; III, 5.9 (7 pitches)

Horsethief Butte

Various unnamed and unrated


Apron; Diedre; II, 5.8 (7 pitches) (S)

Burgers and Fries; Burgers and Fries; 5.7

Neat and Cool; 5-fingered Sally; 5.8 (L)
Neat and Cool; Cat Crack; 5.6+
Neat and Cool; Corn Flakes; 5.6 (L)
Neat and Cool; Left Corner Crack; 5.8 (L)
Neat and Cool; (upper) Unnamed; 5.6 (L)


Fun Rock; Riled Child; 5.6 (L)
Fun Rock; Bolterheist; 5.7 (L)
Fun Rock; Unnamed chimney; 5.5 (L)
Fun Rock; Boltergeist; 5.8 (L)
Fun Rock; Gridlock; 5.10b
Fun Rock; Two Bolts or Not 10B; 5.10a/b X
Fun Rock; Plethora; 5.10c (L)
Fun Rock; Cream; 5.7 (L)
Fun Rock; Cream (upper half); 5.9 (L)
Fun Rock; Megafauna; 5.9
Fun Rock; Snakefingers; 5.10a
Fun Rock; Guide's Day Off; 5.10c
Fun Rock; Unnamed (start to Drive-By Nose Job); 5.7? (L)
Fun Rock; Steppenruf; 5.10b (L)
Fun Rock; Pygmalion; 5.8 (L)
Fun Rock; Drive-by Nose Job; 5.7/8 (L)

A-Wall; Mr. Bojangles; 5.6 (L)
A-Wall; MIA; 5.7 (L)
A-Wall; Draft Dodger; 5.10c
A-Wall; Dirt in My Pocket; 5.9
A-Wall; The Watchtower; 5.8 (L)

Canine Crag; Naked in the Rain; 5.9 (L)

Blue Spot; Unnamed; 5.6
Blue Spot; Unnamed; 5.9
Blue Spot; Unnamed; 5.8/10a

Prospect Point; Stairstepper; 5.7 (L)
Prospect Point; Sidestepper; 5.8
Prospect Point; 5.8/9
Prospect Point; 5.9/10a

Recess Wall; Come Out and Play; 5.9

Nugget Wall; Borrowed Time; 5.6/7 (L)
Nugget Wall; Savior Self; 5.9

Goat Wall; Methow Inspiration; II 5.9+ (5 pitches) (S)
Goat Wall; Prime Rib of Goat; III 5.9 (11 pitches) (S)


3 O'Clock Rock; Under the Boredwalk; 5.7 (L)
3 O'Clock Rock; Under the Boredwalk; 5.9 (variation) (L)
3 O'Clock Rock; Under the Boredwalk; 5.10a (variation) (L)
3 O'Clock Rock; Till Broad Daylight; 5.8 (5.10 start variation)


Glacier Point Apron; Point Beyond; 5.8
Glacier Point Apron; Angel's Approach to Lucifer's Ledge; 5.9

Church Bowl; Bishop's Terrace; 5.8
Church Bowl; Church Bowl Lieback; 5.8
Church Bowl; Pole Position; 5.10a

Cascades (technical summits)

The Tooth; SW face; II, 5.6 (first alpine lead, 3 pitches) (S)
The Tooth; S face; II, 5.4 (4 pitches) (L)
Ingalls Peak; South face of north peak; II, 5.6 (2 pitches) (L)
Sahale Peak; Sahale Arm; II, 5.0 (L)
Eagle Peak (Tatoosh); 5.4 (L)
The Castle (Tatoosh); 5.4 (L)
Pinnacle Peak (Tatoosh); 5.2
Chair Peak, NE buttress; III, 5.4, AI3
South Early Winter Spire, south arete; 5.4 (to top of chimney only) (L)
Cutthroat Peak, SE buttress; III, 5.8 (S)

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