Neate's 50 Best Mountaineering Titles

Neate compiled the first full bibliography of English language mountaineering literature in 1976 - the full title of the work is "Mountaineering and its Literature: A descriptive bibliography of selected works published in the English language, 1744-1976". If you're serious about collecting mountaineering titles, you should pick up a copy of this work, as well as the second edition published in 1986. The first work was published while the author went by W.R. Neate. By the second edition Neate had changed genders and names, and the author now goes by Jill Neate. Here are what Neate considers to be the 50 best titles in the literature, as of 1986. The criteria for inclusion on this list were coverage of the whole field, historical importance, literary quality, material quality and exceptional achievements.

Abraham: Rock Climbing in Skye
Abraham: Rock Climbing in North Wales
Alpine Club: Peaks, Passes and Glaciers Series I and II
Barker: The Last Blue Mountain
Benuzzi: No Picnic on Mount Kenya
Bonatti: On The Heights
Brown: The Hard Years
Brown, T.G: Brenva
Buhl: Nanga Parbat Pilgrimage
Clark: The Splendid Hills
Coleman: Canadian Rockies, New and Old Trails
Collie: Climbing on the Himalaya
Conway: The Alps from End to End
Coxhead: One Green Bottle
Davidson: Minus 148
Ferlet: Aconcagua South Face
Filippi: Ruwenzori
Fitzgerald: Climbs in the New Zealand Alps
Forbes: Travels through the Alps of Savoy
Freshfield: The Exploration of the Caucasus
Gribble: The Early Mountaineers
Harrer: The White Spider
Herzog: Annapurna
Hornbein: Everest The West Ridge
Irving: The Mountain Way
Jones: Climbing in North America
Jones, O.G: Rock Climbing in the English Lake District
King: Mountaineering in the Sierra Nevada
Klucker: Adventures of An Alpine Guide
Kugy: Alpine Pilgrimage
Longstaff: This My Voyage
Lunn: Century of Mountaineering
Maraini: Where Four Worlds Meet
Mason: Abode of Snow
Moore: The Alps in 1864
Muir: My First Summer in the Sierra
Mummery: My Climbs in the Alps and Caucasus
Murray: Mountaineering in Scotland
Noyce: South Col
Pilley: Climbing Days
Scott: Big Wall Climbing
Shipton: Nanda Devi
Slingsby: Norway
Smythe: The Spirit of the Hills
Stephen: The Playground of Europe
Thorington: The Glittering Mountains of Canada
Whymper: Scrambles Amongst The Alps
Whymper: Travels Amongst the Great Andes of the Equator
Young: Mountaincraft
Young: Collected Poems

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