Mt. Si
January 24, 1999

This was our first outing of the year, and the first time I'd headed out since having LASIK surgery in early January. (The eyes worked great!) For several weeks prior to the surgery, I was relegated to wearing glasses, and not being a big fan of glasses in the mountains in the winter, I had forgone any outdoor trips since mid-December. After the surgery, I was advised to take it pretty easy for a week or two. Cabin fever was starting to set in pretty badly, but the weather was being particularly uncooperative until this Sunday. I was more than ready to get out by then, and in real need of getting back into shape after 6 weeks of sluggardly lethargy!

The original plan was to hike up as far as the trail was good on the old, old Mt. Si trail, but the parking lot was completely full. Resigning ourselves to a rocky trail and crowds, we headed down the road to the Mt. Si parking lot, pulled on our boots, bundled Bryden into his backpack, and headed into the woods. It felt great to be out walking again! The crowds weren't as bad as I'd feared, and the weather was quite pleasant. So much so, that the snow from the previous night was melting off the tree branches, generating what amounted to quite a hail storm on the trail!

Maren and Bryden on the Mt. Si trail
Maren and Bryden on the Mt. Si trail

By the time we hit about 2800 feet, the snow on the trail had started to compact and turn icy, so, with Bryden along, we decided that was the safe place to turn around. We stopped at the new wooden walkway with the information about the most recent forest fire on Mt. Si for Bryden to get out and walk around - he was starting to get cold, and we figured the walking would help (this is the first trip where he's been able to tell us he's cold - last year we just had to check him frequently). After almost getting back to the parking lot, we took Bryden back out of the backpack, and the three of us took the right hand fork over the stream and walked back to the car. A stop in North Bend for burgers, fries and cocoa completed this thoroughly enjoyable day!

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