Methow Valley
January 28-31, 2000

We headed over again to J&D's Guesthouse in Winthrop for a relaxing extended weekend of playing in the snow. Cross country skis, skating skis, snow shoes and sleds were soon scattered all about, just waiting for someone to play with them! This year we had five families along, so we rented the cottage just across the driveway as well, so we'd have enough room for everyone. The weather was great, and everyone had a chance to get out and play in the snow. With the miles of groomed trails of all difficulties there was something for everyone, and Glen and I even explored some non-groomed areas and skied out towards Bowen Mountain. Glen had his digital camera along, and sent me theses pictures - they're kinda big, but they came out pretty nice!

Me on the way up the mountain
A view looking south, back towards Winthrop
Another view looking back south

One of the biggest hits of the weekends were some cheap, yellow plastic sleds we picked up at the locl hardware store for a few bucks. The driveway of the Guesthouse was just steep enough to provide for a thrilling ride for the three year olds, while the dads towed them up over and over, or stayed down at the base of the driveway to make sure no errant sleds went careening into any of the parked cars.

While some of our group headed out to participate in a Mazama to Winthrop XC ski race, the others of us hung around the Guesthouse and helped the kids build snow forts, climb the snow piled high by the snow plows, sled down the driveway, and walk through the hip-deep (for a three year old) snow to the river's edge - tons o' fun!

Before heading home on Monday we heded up to Mazama and took the kids on a short ski loop. Bryden and Lizzie each had new XC skis to rty, and they both did great - Bryden went almost a quarter mile before deciding he'd rather be pulled in the sled again!

With all the fun, firends and good food we had, I'm sure we'll head up there again next winter - it'll be fun to see what the then four year olds will be able to accomplish - pretty soon they'll be skiing in all the races while us adults laze around, taking it easy!

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