Little Si
February 7, 1998

Maren and Bryden at the Little Si trailhead Saturday, February 7 was the date of the first (of hopefully many) BoBaby hikes. Bryden Robertson and Evan Steiner were the only two toddlers to brave the challenge of the mighty, yet innocuous, summit of Little Si (1569'). David and Evan along the Little Si trail They each arrived at the trailhead with a porter and a Sherpa to help them on this arduous journey; the porter to carry their gear, and the Sherpa to use an ingenious variation of the short roping technique to aid them in their ascent. Instead of having their Sherpas tie in to them with a short piece of rope, and then help pull them up the mountain, Bryden and Evan decided to skip the rope all together, and, once safely ensconced in their modified "seat" harnesses, had their Sherpas simply wear them. By doing this, one link was eliminated from the safety system, reducing the possibility of gear failure. This seemed to create an environment that felt safe enough to allow both adventurers to nap most of the way to the summit.

Once on the summit, however, the excitement was far too great to sleep - for Evan, the milk bar opened for a little snack, and Bryden became deeply fascinated with some of the local fauna - I believe he was attempting to use one of the native languages of the region when he happily chanted over and over "buppy gog, buppy gog, vuv vuv!" Bryden and golden retriever on top of Little Si (For you non-parental types out there, I believe this loosely translates to "Puppy dog, puppy dog, woof woof!", referring to the mooching golden retriever that was greeting each new climber, checking to make sure they had at least one of the ten essentials - extra food). After a few obligatory summit photos, the climber's attention turned to the geological aspects of the summit - I believe Bryden determined that the rocks making up this summit massif bore a strong resemblance to the rocks found in our local climbing gym, at least from the aspect of taste, which is where his realm of expertise lies. Bryden and Matt climbing on the summit rocks of Little Si

Although the weather was wonderful, we did not want to linger too long on this airy pinnacle, so forsaking the summit we started the descent back to the trailhead, knowing we had a supply of fresh diapers waiting for us there. Filled with excitement from his recent zoological and geological discoveries, Bryden decided to take a decidedly botanical bent on the descent, and insisted, as only a 14 month old can, on touching every tree that grew alongside the right hand side of the trail all the way to the base of the Little Si climbing area. There are a lot of trees along the right hand side of the trail between the summit and the climbing area. Evan took a much more sensible approach, and napped.

Matt, Maren and Bryden - David, Natalie and Evan - all on the summit of Little Si

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