Lake Annette
January 31, 1998

Saturday promised to be sunny, if somewhat windy, so I chose Lake Annette as a location that should provide some nice scenery, without presenting much of an avalanche hazard. I arrived at the parking area around 10:00, and there were a couple of other cars already there. The snow along the road to the trailhead was soft enough that I was glad I'd brought snowshoes along, but once on the trail the snow is well packed in most areas, and there were several other folks without snowshoes doing just fine. In places the trail has been packed down two feet wide, with 6 inch "curbs" on either side - there's no difficulties in following it to the lake. Nice views of Humpback on the way, and a very nice view of the north face of Abiel once at the lake - snow, ice and rime encrusted.
North face of Abiel in winter

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