Climbing at Exit 38
Summer, 1998

During the summer, when evenings are long, I regularly head out to Exit 38 after work to get in a few climbs with friends. The rock here is user friendly, the bolts well placed and solid, and the climbs vary from 5.5 to too hard for me (anything over 5.10). The first area you arrive at, "The Substation", is perfect for the few really warm days we get here in the Northwest. It's very shaded, and cooled by the breeze that flows along Change Creek. This area has one of my favorite climbs for putting a gym climber on for their first time on real rock, "Glob Job". The bolts at the top of the climb can be walked to from up above, so its easy to talk someone through setting up a rappel, wihtout having to trust that they'll do it right the first time with no supervision.

Walking up onto the railroad grade, the next area you come to is "Write-Off Rock". This crag is my favorite place to bring brand new climbers to, folks who have never tried rock climbing at all. There's several lines you can take on "Flammable Pajamas" (5.5) that allow first time climbers to have a good time on top rope. Near the right hand side of this small crag is "Mom, There's Pink in My Burger", a nice 5.6 that I like to use for someone's first lead. The stances for clipping bolts are great, but there are honest 5.6 moves there, so after you've lead it, you'll feel like you've really climbed a route as well.

Continuing east on the railroad bed you'll pass by the trail to "Nevermind Rock", then come to "Deception Wall". Beyond that is where some of my favorite climbs are, "We Did Rock". Several nice 5.9 routes give you enough entertainment to last for a long summer evening.

Last updated: October 13, 2005