Mount Dickerman
May 18, 1997
By Bill Sunderland

The Moutain Loop Highway is now open to Barlow Pass so Matt and I headed toward the Mount Dickerman trailhead to do my favorite snow travel practice hike. The trail is snow free until about 3,100 feet but melting out quickly. Continuous snow begins at about 3,400 feet. There was surprisingly little blowdown on the trail, only one of significance (about 10 inches) at 2 miles in, plus several very small tress here and there.

We followed the usual winter time route straight up through a short steep gully and onto the occasionally steep, occasionally gentle slopes to the summit. The cornice on the ridge is huge and starting to break away in sections. We met some nice people at the top, talked with them for quite a while and then enjoyed a series of glissades back down the mountain. The trail was not at all crowded for Dickerman, maybe 12 parties. One gentleman we saw travelling by himself wasn't able to enjoy the great glissading conditions. His choice of attire precluded that - I'm sure his butt baring thong bikini would have fit in well on the beaches of Rio De Janeiro, but it looked oddly out of place on Mount Dickerman. I hope he had plenty of sun tan lotion on or he'll be sporting some rosy cheeks!

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