Boardman Tasker Award Winners

The Boardman Tasker Award for Mountain Literature has been given each year since 1984 for the best mountaineering book of the year. The award is named after Peter Boardman and Joe Tasker, two amazing British climbers (and authors), who disappeared while attempting the first ascent of the Northeast Ridge of Mt. Everest in 1982.

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1984 - Doug Scott and Alex MacIntyre: "The Shishapangma Expedition" (Granada)
1984 - Linda Gill: "Living High: A Family Trek in the Himalayas" (Hodder & Stoughton)
1985 - Jim Perrin: " Menlove: The Life of John Menlove Edwards" (Victor Gollancz)
1986 - Stephen Venables: "Painted Mountains: Two Expeditions to Kashmir" (Hodder & Stoughton)
1987 - Roger Mear and Robert Swan: "In the Footsteps of Scott" (Joanathan Cape)
1988 - Joe Simpson: "Touching the Void" (Jonathan Cape)
1989 - M. John Harrison: "Climbers" (Victor Gollancz)
1990 - Victor Saunders: "Elusive Summits" (Hodder & Stoughton)
1991 - Alison Fell: "Mer de Glace" (Methuen)
1991 - Dave Brown and Ian Mitchell: "A View From The Ridge" (The Ernest Press)
1992 - Will McLewin: "In Monte Viso's Horizon: Climbing all the 4000m Peaks" (The Ernest Press)
1993 - Jeff Long: "The Ascent" (Headline)
1994 - Dermot Somers: "At the Rising of the Moon" (Baton Wicks)
1995 - Alan Hankinson: "Geoffrey Winthrop Young: Poet, Mountaineer, Educator"(Hodder & Stoughton)
1996 - Audrey Salkeld: "A Portrait of Leni Riefenstahl" (Joanathan Cape)
1997 - Paul Pritchard: "Deep Play: A Climber's Odyssey from Llanberis to the Big Walls" (Baton Wicks)
1998 - Peter Steele: "Eric Shipton: Everest & Beyond" (Constable)
1999 - Paul Pritchard: "The Totem Pole and a Whole New Adventure" (Constable)
2000 - Peter and Leni Gillman: "The Wildest Dream : Mallory - His Life and Conflicting Passions" (Headline)
2001 - Roger Hubank: "Hazard's Way" (The Ernest Press)
2002 - Robert Roper: Fatal Mountaineer (St. Martin's Press)
2003 - Simon Mawer: The Fall (Little, Brown)
2004 - Trevor Braham: When the Alps Cast Their Spell (The In Pinn)
2005 - Andy Cave: Learning to Breathe and Jim Perrin: The Villian: The Life of Don Whillans
2006 - Charles Lind: An Afterclap of Fate: Mallory on Everest

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