October, 2008

Some pictures from Halloween

Gavin wanted to be Aang, the Last Airbender from the Avatar series. In order to do that he decided to get his head shaved!

With a little bit of seamstress help from mom, here's how he looked - pretty cool!

Bryden started out wanting to be Hades, then found some cool Spartan armor, and then wanted to revive his Darth Maul mask and cloak from last year. Put them all together and you have... Demon Child!

We went out to Fall City to party and trick or treat again this year - here are some snapshots of that fun evening!

Lizzie was a water fairy

Ian was a cheetah wizard from Jupiter

Caitlyn was an angel

and Kelly was a cavewoman!

Gavin got into his full makeup again to be Aang, the last Airbender

We warned Bryden, the Demon Child, not to play with pitchforks! Tines through the neck don't seem to bother demons...

Here's everyone out getting goodies from one of the excellently decorated homes

Demon Child returning with a pumpkin full of sugar!

An angel on a mission - to get more sweets!

Rob wore his usual "Tomato" costume - it does keep him warm!

Brenda was all set with her travel mug full of wine, a pumpkin full of treats, and is her halo slightly tipping? I think so!

And what's Halloween without seeing the results of at least one pumpkin overindulging!

Last updated: November 1, 2008