Bearscout Mountain
September 7, 2008

Come on mom! Stop picking huckleberries and let's climb!

Babes in the woods, not lost in the woods!

The rockslide fields were much easier to negotiate than the brush.

Eventually the route starting getting steep.

We're working our way up into a waterfall course - no brush, but wet, mossy, slippery rocks.

At the top of the waterfall - Gavin's shirt reads "Judge me by my size, do you?" Definitely not a good thing to do with him!

Once we got up onto the ridge to the summit, the Snoqualmie Pass peaks started coming out into view. Here's Chair, Hemlock, Bryant, The Tooth and Denny.

We stumbled onto this beautiful hidden meadow, with wildflowers that made it look much more like the end of June than the beginning of September.

We're starting the final traverse to the summit - lots of this green is ground huckleberries, and lots of them were ripe! This slowed us down considerably! :-)

And my family on the summit. The actual summit is a brushy, scrbby little area, so we got the summit photo, and headed back a few yards to a much nicer meadowy area.

This is where we stopped for lunch and just hung out, enjoying the view (and not enjoying the bugs - they were worse than I'd expected in September.)

On the way down we took time to gather more huckleberries - Gavin's always happy to do that!

Here's a panorama of the Snoqualmie Pass peaks from near the summit. This was one of the cooler views of this groups of peaks that I've seen.

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