Preacher Mountain
August 24, 2008

You start out crossing this fabulous bridge over the Middle Fork of the Snoqualmie River

Another view of the bridge

Along the way are some beautiful waterfalls

After 4.5 miles you end up at pretty Rainy Lake

There's a plaque on the back of a boulder in memory of George Lewis, who used to stock this lake with trout

His trout are still here!

The south end of the lake has some great boulders for lounging around on, or jumping into the lake from

You now have to work your way steeply cross country and off trail to a pretty little lake above Rainy Lake

From the ridge ascending Preacher Mountain you can look back down on the small upper lake

2200 feet later, happy and tired, finally on top!

Chair and Kaleetan are standouts from here, as is Lake Caroline in front of them

On the way out, we found this nicely sized salamander

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