Red Rocks
June, 2008

We managed to sneak a couple of days of climbing in at Red Rocks, Nevada as part of a business trip Maren took me along on. Annette flew down to join us, and Mieko came along on the second day (her first day on real rock!). The weather cooperated perfectly, the crowds were non-existant, and the climbing ranged from great fun to spectacular!

Matt and Maren at the trailhead to Mescalito Tower (behind me) and "Dark Shadows" (5.8, 4 pitches)

Matt and Annette

Mescalito Tower - Dark Shadows is around the right hand side

Fossils in the rocks on the way in to the climb

"Look - there's a bolt! This must be the start of the climb!"

The base of the climb had a gorgeous pool of water that we took advantage of for a quick dip at the end of the day

I took the first pitch - an easy slab with two generously spaced bolts

Matt at the top of pitch 1 - from here I could see the second pitch (a lieback corner) and lead that as well

Annette belayed me - fully focused, alert and ready for any eventuality - ha!

Annette followed the first two pitches quickly...

...and joined me at the second belay

Annette leading out on pitch 3 - she took the second two pitches, which were much more challenging than my pitches

I followed her up while Maren took pictures

Annette at the third belay with the wide open desert vista spreading behind her

I got the camera away from Maren to snap one picture of her relaxing at the third belay station

At the top of pitch 4, ready to start rappelling

Day 2, and Mieko and Matt hiking in the canyon

Mieko and Annette pause to pose

A cool lizard who wasn't camera shy at all

Annette leading up the easy slab climb "Abbey Road" (5.4)

Mieko's very first outdoor top rope - she did great!

Mieko ticking "Fleet Street" (5.8) - not bad for her first day outdoors!

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