April, 2007

We went to Disneyland!

Maren, Bryden and Gavin just after entering

In front of Walt's statue with Sleeping Beauty's castle behind

We rode the tea cups...

Everyone else did it twice - not me, I get too dizzy!

Gavin tried to pull the sword out of the stone...

Bryden had about the same amount of luck!

A stop for dinner in the French Quarter got Gavin a pirate hat!

Off to blast aliens and asteroids with Buzz Lightyear!

A more sedate tour around the park on the old steam train - all of us in the picture this time!

Time for the Grizzly River White Water run - this was great fuin on a very warm day!

One of the bears is standing guard - Bryden and Gavin look pretty small!

Maren and Bryden ready to get wet!

Resting in front of the fountain

More rides - I don't even remember the name of this one...

Mr. Toad's Wild Ride

Another ride - I don't remember the name of this one either - but I did manage to get all four of us in the picture!

Late night dessert

We took one day off and spent some time in the pool - Maren and her guys

Gavin started collecting pins - he spent a lot of his allowence on them before the trip was over!

Gavin wasn't so sure about riding the Thunder Mountain Railroad - it kind of scared him

Gavin showing off how strong he is!

One tuckered, but very happy boy, at the end of another long and fun day!

We spent Easter out at Curt and Carla's again this year...

Bryden's eggs are getting a little harder to get - cousin Dean helps him out

Gavin's tee-shirt is oh, so appropriate. There's a lot of energy in that small body!

The whole motely crew - I'm not sure it's possible to get everyone in this group looking normal at the same time! Dean, knock it off! Bryden, get your thumb off your nose!

Eleanor and Angelina came over to visit one day - they like being sisters!

Last updated: November 5, 2007