October, 2006

I took Bryden out to attempt his first triple summit day - Tinkham, Abiel and Silver Peaks. We had a gorgeous day with good friends, and we tagged the top of all three peaks and were still home in time for dinner!

Morning mists over the NE buttress of Silver Peak

First objective: Tinkham Peak

Shella being a scofflaw on the way up

Bryden and Kendra look over Snoqualmie Pass at a break in the trees

Entering Tinkham's western cirque, resplendant in fall colors

One down - Bryden and Matt and the rest of the crew on top of Tinkham

Bryden on the steep descent from Tinkham, down into the fog

No slipping allowed

Second objective: Abiel Peak

Climbing the east ridge of Abiel

Bryden doing some rock work on the east ridge of Abiel

Bryden on the summit of Abiel with Tinkham Peak behind him

Third objective (over Bryden's shoulder): Silver Peak

And success on summit number three, Silver Peak! (Tinkham Peak is behind Bryden, and Abiel is on the right of the picture). Shouldn't he be holding up three fingers?

Bryden, happy to relax on the summit of Silver Peak

Bryden and Kendra sharing Gatorade and chocolate as a summit treat

The whole crew on the summit of Silver

To keep things interesting, we descended the NW ridge of Silver Peak - here's the beginning of the descent, looking down on Annette Lake

We did a hike to the top of little Cedar Butte with Kendra. This was the final peak Bryden needed for his Issaquah Blob Pin - now both Gavin and Bryden are officially Blobbers! (We still have to get Kendra up Little Si)

At the gate that marks the start of the way

We ate lunch on top, looking out over a sea of fog that was shrouding the entire I-90 corridor

On the way back, Kendra found a wooly bear - does this guy have a heavy enough coat to indicate another good ski year? I hope so!

For Halloween, Bryden was a character out of the movie "Scream". It was a cool costume, featuring glowing "blood" that he could pump across the face of the mask!

We went out to Mike and Brenda's in Fall City again this year for trick or treating - here's the whole crew of kids ready to go terrorize the neighborhood!

Last updated: December 29, 2006