August, 2006

Our friend Kendra came along with us on a hike to the top of Fuller Mountain. This was the last peak Gavin needed to get his Issaquah Blob pin!

Kendra helping the boys cross 10 Creek

Gotta stop to pick (and eat!) huckleberries

Hiking buddies

Silly hiking buddies!

The trail was built by students in a local community college's environmental class

We found this beautiful dragonfly along the road on the way out

We did a couple of backpacking trips up to Mason Lake this summer, and had great weather for both trips. One trip was just our family, and the second one we dragged Kendra along on...

All geared up and ready to start

Dad still gets to carry the really big pack, but the boys are carrying more and more of their own weight each trip

The way goes up through steep, dark forest alongside pretty Mason Creek

There are fallen logs to go under - Bryden is able to just duck a little...

While some of us had to get down on our knees!

Mason Lake is really pretty

Maren, Kendra and the boys at the lake

Gavin out from a swim, warming up in the sun

Bryden scrambling around on some of the huge boulders that ring the lake

A guy can get really tuckered out after all that hiking and swimming and scrambling and berry picking - Gavin, sound asleep in the tent

We climbed Mount Defiance from Mason Lake - here's Gavin taking a break along the trail

Maren and Gavin about to start the last steep, meadowy bit to the summit

Our family on top of Mount Defiance

And everyone safely back at the trailhead, tired, a little sun burnt, and happy!

Dad took Bryden and Gavin on an exploratory trip up Rainy Creek...

Dad's two "enthusiastic" hiking buddies!

Along the Middle Fork of the Snoqualmie River -the attitudes are improving

Logs to cross - now this is starting to get fun!

We ate lunch beside this gorgeous stream, with mossy boulders, waterfalls and crystal clear pools

Bryden having a snack on the trail

Gavin taking a break along the trail

Babes in the woods!

There were some really big trees along this trail...

...and they were really tall, too!

Bryden swam on the Kirkland Orcas swim team again this year...

Bryden getting his game face on as he steps up onto the starting block

On the starting block and waiting for the starter's gun

Last updated: December 29, 2006