July, 2006

We did our annual trip to Penticton...

Gavin got a new bike for his sixth birthday, and his first chance to ride it was on our trip to Penticton

Dad explaining some of the finer points of miniture golf to Bryden while Gavin listens

Gavin wasn't happy to have to go through the Sicamous museum again - it's just not a fun place for a guy with lots of energy!

Bryden, on the other hand, loved it! Here he is sitting alongside the sternwheel of the Sicamous

Ah - this is better! Climbing trees is way more fun than visiting museums!

There was plenty of time for beach fun, too...

Bryden beginning one of his massive sand construction projects

Gavin being a surfer dude

Check out Bryden's unorthodox (but very effective) monkey bar technique

Gavin's technique is a little smoother, and he's skipping bars these days

Both boys still enjoy being pushed on the swings by dad

We found the old scramble route up Little Si this summer. Not too steep, and for the most part not exposed, but much more challenging and fun than the trail!

Bryden and Gavin working their way up one of the rock shelves

The boys on one of the steeper bits - fun without being too scary!

We took Kendall for a hike...

Three scary looking guys on the trail!

We had to climb across logs...

...and balance across blow down...

...Find our way through a jungle...

...Walk through a very dark concrete culvert...

...but we finally made it to the waterfall!

Bryden blowing bubbles in the back yard

Dad took the boys up to the Denny Creek water slide one hot summer afternoon

Dad and his guys on the hike up

After the hike, it feels good to cool your heels in Denny Creek!

After a short rest, though, it's time to get to work building dams...

...exploring our way up the creek...

...and maybe even climb some logs to get high up the creek...

...before shrieking with fun while we slid back down!

Bryden and Gavin on top of Humpback Mountain, a fun little scramble

Time for a Gu and Skittles break along the trail!

Kendra, Gavin and Ian at lower Eightmile Lake outside of Leavenworth

Last updated: December 27, 2006