June, 2006

We took our friends Ted and Melissa, and their daughter Asia, for a hike to Allice Falls...

A Tiki guardian of the forest on the way up

Asia playing peek-a-boo between Ted's legs

The lower falls were running fast

Asia and Melissa

Bryden and Gavin at the lower falls

The upper falls were running high, too

Bryden and his hiking buddy Demetrious

Gavin climbing along an almost fallen over log

Gavin still loves all kinds of sports - soccer is good!

We took some friends on a hike to Scout Lake...

The guys being silly at the trailhead (yes, the stuffed Pokemon doll went all the way to the lake with us!)

When we got to the lake there was still snow along the south bank

Gavin eating lunch at the lake

Gavin and Bryden ready to go looking for fish!

Last updated: December 26, 2006