Alice Falls
June 11, 2006

We seem to do this hike several times each year - it's short, close in, and there's always something new to discover and explore! It starts at the old McClellan's Butte trailhead and winds it's way up to Alice Falls and eventually the roadbed above. We walked it three times this summer - here's some pics from all the trips...

A Tiki guardian of the forest on the way up

Asia playing peek-a-boo between Ted's legs on the way to the falls

The lower falls were running fast

Asia and Melissa at the lower falls

Bryden and Gavin at the lower falls

The upper falls were running high, too

Bryden and his hiking buddy Demetrious

Gavin climbing along an almost fallen over log

Three scary looking guys on the trail!

We had to climb across logs...

...and balance across blow down...

...Find our way through a jungle...

...and walk through a concrete culvert!

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