Stegosaurus Butte
May 14, 2006

Stegosaurus Butte is an odd little bump sticking up just south of the Middle Fork of the Snoqualmie River. If you cross the beautiful suspension bridge over the river from the huge main Middle Fork parking lot, Stegosaurus Butte is directly in front of you before you turn down the trail. There is no official trail to the top, but we managed to follow our noses and some intermittent flagging, quite steeply at times, to get to the top. The very top is closed in with forest, but you can push one way for views of Garfield Mountain, and the other way to a nice mossy vista, just right for sitting and eating lunch.

Gavin's a tree hugger!

Maren and the boys eating lunch on top

We found this cool tree on the way down that looked like an animal to be ridden. Gavin took his turn...

...and so did Bryden

It was quite a steep trail!

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