Duckasbush River rainout
May 26, 2006

Backpacking up the Duckabush River was a late spring tradition for Maren and I before we had the boys. This year for the first time we felt they were ready to make the trek (with full overnight packs!) up and over Little Hump and Big Hump, and down into the old growth forest in the Duckabush River valley. Unfortunately, it was not to be - the rain gods conspired against us and shortly after we left the car it began to rain. And rain. And rain! At five miles in, at the top of Big Hump, Maren and I decided it wasn't going to let up for the duration of the weekend and we turned the boys around and marched five miles back out. The boys did great, putting in 10 wet miles instead of the planned 6 to a camp site - we'll try it again next year!

At the Duckabush trailhead

Pretty soon it started to rain

By the time we got to the top of Big Hump, it was obvious the rain wasn't going to stop for a long time... even though the rhododendrons were beautiful, we turned back and did a 10-mile hike in the rain instead of our planned 6 mile hike to a tent site.

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