August, 2005

We went over to the Icicle Creek canyon for a big group camp out

The grilling daddies headed up a group breakfast

While Bryden figured out that there was time and a place for Pokemon even on camping trips!

Gavin was ready for breakfast and his morning cocoa

Wild man Alexander, one-shoe-on, one-sandal-on Bryden, and Lizzie chow down on breakfast

It was a big group this year!

These two look unscrupulous and untrustworthy!

It was really hot this year, so we all spent time in the Icicle, even though its temperature lived up to its name!

Bryden building something along the creek's edge

Cathy took the plunge

Maren and Nancy waded in

Caitlan wasn't so sure aboiut this swimming in the creek thing, but having momma near helped

Gavin thought it was great, and even better when dad could swing him through the chilly water!

Bryden didn't need any help - he just jumped in on his own

Starting a short hike at Tradition Lake - the boardwalk has signs that tell the story of "Zoe and the Swamp Monster"

There's a cool charred tree to stand in around the lake shore

We did a hike to our favorite lake with cousin Alex

Interpid hikers ready to go

Making the key log crossing

And we're at the lake!

But before swimming, it's time for lunch...

Gavin was worried he might not get enough

Alex eating neatly

And Bryden not wanting to miss any crumbs

Then it's time for swimming!

All saddled up, and ready to head back home

But the outing isn't over yet - we finish it off with root beer floats at the XXX!



and Bryden

Last updated: May 28, 2006