July, 2005

We did our trip up to Penticton again, with the usual cast of kids:


and Gavin


and Ian


and Caitlan

And this year Ellie joined us too!

There was all the usual activities: - beach time:

Kids on the beach

Bryden and Ellie

Brenda and Matt

Diana brought an inflatable wind surfer

Ian and Gavin constructing something out of sand

Gavin showing he knows how to handle an alligator

There was some biking:

Everyone ready for a bike ride down to Skaha Lake
Mike, Matt, Rob, Caitlan, Brenda, Lizzie, Kelly, Ellie, Gavin (on training wheels - he rode the full 8 miles on a gravel path that way!), and Diana.

Bryden, Rob and Ian take a Gu break

Time for a lunch break

Ian and Gavin at the rose garden


Gavin climbed quite a bit this year

And got quite comfortable on the rock!

And a few other activities:

Bryden in the wheelhouse of the Sicamous

Matt and Maren ready to take Gavin adn Ian out for a pedal car ride

A quick round of miniature golf

And we end each day as usual, with exhausted boys!

Gavin turned 5 this month and he had a Pokemon cake to celebrate the occasion

We did a backpack trip in to Pete Lake...

Sun screening has become a ritual

Bryden, Gavin and Maren ready to go for a walk

Dad still gets to carry the big loads

Pete Lake was very pretty, but the muddy shores didn't make for a very good swimming lake

Backpacking breakfasts are always good

Bryden, making sure not to waste anything!

Gavin loves his cocoa in the morning

Gavin resting on a big log on the way out

We did a day hike to Pinnacle Lake

Matt and his guys at Bear Lake on the way in

Mom and her boys at Pinnacle Lake

Gavin, Maren and Bryden

Bryden swam on the Kirkland Orcas swim team this summer

Cousin Joel got married, and Gavin got to be a ring bearer

Bryden with Uncle Byron

Joel's sister Melissa with Laney and Joel at the rehearsal

"Man - I gotta get dressed up for this?"

"Okay, if I get Poke cards, I guess it's okay!"

Gavin doing his best to look charming

Don't lose that, Gavin!

All this being on your best behavior can tire a guy out!

It helps to have cousins around - Melissa, Laney and Joel in back with Eleanor, Angelina and Gavin in front (and other members of the bridal party)

The "other" Robertson clan: Byron, Gail, Laney (she's a Robertson now!), Joel, Melissa and Dean.

Gavin was mostly well behaved during the ceremony - except for that fly that landed near his foot that he had to stoop down to swat and squash.

After the ceremony, lots of family and visiting

Hangin' out at the pool with cousin Angelina

Does this guy look like he knows how to party, or what?!

Last updated: May 28, 2006