February, 2005

We visited the Everett Children's Museum - lots of fun and different enough from the Children's Museum at the Seattle Center to warrant a visit...

Bryden playing at a very cool water table filled with experiments and playthings

Gavin trying some of the other interactive features

There was a cool color wall that captured images of whoever was in front of it - we were taking our picture in this one

Bryden in the cockpit of a model 747

And Gavin as his copilot

They had a small climbing wall to traverse that Bryden found quite easy

In the farm area Bryden rode a stuffed horse...

...while Gavin drove the tractor

Gavin and I did a hike up Cedar Butte together - this was the first hike we did just the two of us, and I quite enjoyed it - he's a great hiking buddy!

Gavin on the trail to Cedar Butte

Although it was chilly, the sun did come out for us for a bit

Gavin on top of Cedar Butte

Time for a PB&J break!

On a day off from school the three boys (Bryden, Gavin and dad) went down to the Pt. Defiance zoo

Bryden and Gavin looking for Nemo in one of the aquarium exhibits

The boys in the jaws of a great white shark!

Bryden and Gavin sitting on a statue of Dub Dub the seal

Bryden and Bestamor

Gavin throwing rocks at the Waverly Park beach

"Don't let go, dad!"

Gavin and Mouse after climbing the rocks in front of Auntie Gaerda and Uncle Randy's house

Who knows what they were up to, but can you tell they're brothers?!

Last updated: June 27, 2005