August, 2004

We did some great trips, several of them overnighters, in August. The first one was to Dewey Lakes down by Mount Rainier, and just off the Naches Peak Loop trail...

Maren, Gavin, Dario and Bryden on the Chinook Pass overpass at the start of the trip

Gavin, Dario and Bryden were hiking buddies for this trip

Matt and Bryden stopping at a pond along the trail that was full of salamanders

Here's one - little fringed guys - kind of cute!

We had this white sand beach to play on with perfect weather

A panoramic shot of pretty Dewey Lake from "our" beach

Mount Rainier was majestic the next morning, and the lake's surface was broken with dozens of rings from trout jumping

Gavin likes to start out every morning with cocoa

This is the first trip I've seen elephant's head. It's a really cool looking flower, and does look like a bunch of little elephant's heads.

Gavin and Matt on the hike out. Dewey Lakes lies below the Naches Loop trail, so the way out starts out with a bunch of uphill. Other than the whining, the kids did really well.

It was a beautiful day - here is Mount Rainier presiding over a field of wildflowers

And a family picture with Mount Rainier for the backdrop

Another of Mount Rainier - the views and the wildflowers were just splendid on this trip

At times it looked as if someone had dumped a bucket of blue paint over the landscape...

We did a three day backpack to Cutthroat Lakes off the Mountain Loop Highway - what a beautiful place! We had perfect weather again, the huckleberries were the most abundant I've ever seen and all the little lakes, tarns and ponds seemed to be full of frogs, pillowogs and salamanders. When we were packing up to go, the boys were already asking if we could come back again, and stay longer next time.

Picking huckleberries on the way to Cutthroat Lakes

A tarn on the way to the main lakes

Mmmmm - dinner!

Gavin discovered that there were enough huckleberries that a guy didn't even have to move to get his fill!

Upper Cutthroat Lake - our tent is the blue dot in the middle left

Bald Mountain rises above the lake - we hiked up toward it on the second day, and Matt scrambled to the top

Bryden and Gavin contented themselves with scrambling to the top of some of the boulders on the trail to Bald Mountain

After seeing all the fish jumping at Dewey Lake, we got the boys some backpacking fishing rods. Cutthroat Lakes are barren, but we had a good time learning how to cast anyway.

Maren and Gavin stopping to rest by one of the many tarns on the way back out

Bryden and Gavin looking for polliwogs in another tarn

Lunch break!

We did one other weekend trip in August, and that was to the Icicle Creek right outside of Leavenworth. We had many families there this weekend, and the kids had a blast playing with each other, while the adults actually got a chance to do some visiting since we weren't in charge of the entertainment!

We went down to Bridge Creek again this year - the brave went swimming or jumped into the river from the rocks. The water was cold!

Gavin is a big believer in sun screen!

Gavin and Max were buddies and had a blast playing together

We set up some top ropes over by Barney's Rubble. Here's Bryden working a fun corner and slab problem

The younger kids got up on the rock, too. Here's Emily, Gavin and Ian hanging out on a ledge

Last updated: October 10, 2004