July, 2004

Warm weather and water balloons - Gavin thinks that's a great combination!

Basketball hoops are still pretty tall, but Gavin's getting taller!

Gavin turned 4 - here he is blowing out his candles

Gavin was really excited about getting a skateboard. Here is is with all his pads on - wrist, elbow and knees.

And here he is learning to skateboard!

Bryden played on a 3 on 3 soccer league this summer

All that running around can make a guy thirsty

Rolly bugs were really popular this summer - here are Eleanor, Gavin and Angelina looking for some

We did our annual trek up Little Si again this year. This was the first year that Gavin walked all the way to the top and back without any help!

Bryden and Gavin ready for the hike

The boys on top of a big boulder along the trail

Maren, Gavin and Bryden hiking up a steep section of trail

Gavin is very excited about making it to the top!

Of course, Bryden made it to the top, too

We had a picnic at Waverly Park

Gavin loves climbing on the playground equipment

We took Alex on a hike to Scout Lake this summer...

Bryden, Alex, Maren and Gavin on the trail in

Bryden and Alex crossing a log

Maren and Gavin following behind

Cousins at the lake...

...and brothers too!

Last updated: October 10, 2004