January, 2004

Ah - January, and time for lots of outdoor winter fun! Both boys explored the mountains and snow on a variety of transports this year - XC skis, snowshoes, downhill skis and sleds. Here's some of the highlights!

Bryden cross country skiing at Rattlesnake Lake

Gavin, ready to sled! And, yes, his cheeks really were that red - it was cold out, and he was very busy, running up and down the sledding hill!

Bryden, zooming down the sledding hill!

...with Gavin not far behind!

Gavin started skiing lessons on the snow this year - he wasn't too sure if he'd like it at the start...

...but by the end of the first lesson, he was having a good time!

And after the lesson was over, it didn't take long in the car for Gavin to zonk out...

...and even Bryden was pooped afterwards!

Bryden lost one of his front teeth this month. The one next to it came out soon after this. (Gavin and Bryden were wrestling when Gavin knocked the second, very loose, tooth out. Gavin was very proud that he'd knocked his big brother's tooth out!)

We did a trip out to Cabin Creek for a tromp around in the snow again this year. Bryden asked for, and got, an ice axe for Christmas this year, and he wanted to learn how to use it on this outing. We practiced with it quite a bit, and then he and his buddy Dario decided that instead of walking up the logging roads to our usual high spot and lunch break, they wanted to climb directly up the south side of the snow bump. I'm certainly not going to disagree with mountaineering inclinations, so up we went, 250 feet, through deep, and at times steep, snow to the very top! It was quite an accomplishment for the boys!

Here's Gavin getting his snowshoes on - he's becoming quite the winter outdoors adventurer too.

Bryden and Dario were too excited to walk around waiting for everyone to get ready to go - they had to run in their snowshoes!

Here's Bryden, ready to go with his new ice axe securely lashed to the back of his pack.

Gavin is snowshoeing great! Here he is, following in his daddy's footsteps!

Sorry that it's a bit blurry, but here's Bryden and dad working on ice axe technique for ascending relatively steep snow.

And good ice axe technique for a glissading descent!

We stopped by the Yakima River to throw snowballs in the water, and at each other

Bryden definitely likes to play in the snow!

Gavin and Glenn on the snowy shores of the Yakima River

A strange snow beastie found alongside the trail

And the successful climbers, cresting the top of the hill!

Last updated: March 11, 2004