April, 2003

Bryden went bowling for his buddy Torsten's birthday party

The ball's a little big, but Bryden managed!

Bryden's buddy Cayman was there

...as was Michael

The whole motley crew, being kinda silly!

For Easter we went to Aunt Carla and Uncle Kurt's - their chickens had just hatched some baby chicks...

Danica holding one of the chicks

Bryden and Daycen

Gavin wanted a closer look!

Eleanor and Angelina had bunny ears

All the cousins togethers after a successful Easter egg hunt!

It's getting to be popsicle season again - Gavin and Ian approve!

Bryden is playing T-Ball this year, and had his first "game" this month.

Dad and his boys before the big game!

The Sharks in their pre-game strategy huddle!

Bryden up for his first at bat...

...and his first single! Low 5 for the first base coach!

Bryden covering 2nd base while the short stop makes a play, and the 1st baseman gets side tracked!

Congratulating the other team at the end of the game (only one inning, but everyone had fun!)

Proud dad and happy Bryden!

Last updated: April 27, 2003