February, 2003

Gavin all bundled up for a day in the snow at Snoqualmie Pass

Bryden was in a play at kindergarten - he was a penguin judge in a presentation of "Three Cheers for Tacky!"

We spent an evening down at the climbing gym - Bryden's got new climbing shoes, and is really starting to climb!

On belay and chalking up...

These new shoes are pretty sticky...

And up we go!

Gavin is still bouldering - no harness yet!

And dad gets his turn now and then as well...

We went to Winthrop again to play in the snow!

Bryden showing Gavin how to walk down snowy hills

Maren helping Gavin learn how to cross country ski

Mom made us a snowman cake!

Gavin and Ian wanted a real snowman - ya gotta love the hair!

Gavin's ready to try XC skiing without mom this time
(Video clip - RealPlayer required to view)

Bryden's already got the hang of this...

...but he's certainly not above being a little silly at times!

Matt's ready to get out there with his boys

Gavin's tough guy look

We celebrated Angelina's first birthday!

Here's the birthday girl with her birthday cake!

Gavin playing with Uncle Kurt

Matt and his little sister Carla

Bryden having fun with his cousin Daycen

Last updated: February 26, 2003