January, 2003

This was Gavin's first year to start skiing on the snow up at Snoqualmie Pass - his first day out wasn't quite like skiing indoors on the carpet at Mini Mountain!

"Mom, are you sure it's supposed to be this cold?"

We spent a long weekend in Mazama, WA, staying with a bunch of friends at the Wolfridge Resort (highly recommended!), playing in the snow!

Gavin all bundled up for a walk at sunset ouside of our cabin.

Gavin trying snowshoes for his first time.

Maren and Gavin sledding down a small, but steep hill. Bryden is on top waiting his turn.

Here comes Bryden - he doesn't need mom's help!

Bryden looking cool in his snow gear and sunglasses.

Story time in the evening is a big hit, especially when Steve starts improvising!

Gavin is determined to learn how to juggle.

Our cousins came over one day to help bake bread - lots of fun and flour everywhere!
Danica and Gavin working on grinding the wheat.

Danica, Gavin and Elanor kneading the dough.

He doesn't much like having his picture taken these days, but Bryden does still love his bedtime stories!

Last updated: February 2, 2003